Cook Your Own


Deep Frying

- Submerge a small amount of pellets in Approximately 390° oil
- Cook for 50-60 seconds
- Remove from oil and let cool - Eat up!

Enhance your cooking experience using Fry Powder!

Get the best value out of your cooking oil with fryer filter powder!
Save money at your business by cleaning your frying oil with cooking
oil filter powder. This powder is designed to extend the life of
every pound of your fryer's oil by helping to remove sediment,
carbon deposits, fatty acids,and will stabilize your cooking oil.

Simply add the powder to your existing fryer oil and enjoy as
you save your business money.

This cooking oil filter powder will keep your fryer's oil clean
after every use. Plus, because it's so affordable, this powder is
a practical alternative to replacement oil for any business,
including fresh startups.

When fry powder is used daily, frying at lower temperatures is
not only less damaging to the oil, but it provides faster
frying, faster heat recovery and less soakage of oil into the food. 

If you have questions on how to use Fry Powder Call Willie for detailed information.